Sunday, 14 November 2010

How to Survive November's Rebirth!


I have felt like I have been in the final stages of labour recently! Has anyone else felt the same? 


And just to clarify - not in the way of giving birth, but feeling as though I am the one coming through the birth canal and being born, or reborn as the case may be - very difficult and very painful!

Every so often this happens, and, like women who have actually given birth, I forget what this process is like - the being reborn that is. It makes me think that this process of rebirth, like birth itself, is essential to life. 

Why else would women continue giving birth when it's so damned painful? 


The process of rebirth must bring growth and transformation and all the other positive stuff associated with this from a deep, primal and instinctual place within us. The very human, physical self screams 'no,' whilst our soul screams 'yes.'

Rebirth in our day-to-day adult life is exactly how I imagine a baby to feel as it is being born; we come from this place inside the womb of relative safety, serenity and warmth - or in other words our 'normal' adult living environment and situation that we have gotten used to, and all of a sudden, our bubble bursts, we don't know where we are, who we are and what the hell is happening! 


We find ourselves in a foreign environment, where contraction after contraction we are being forced towards the unknown. 

We try and grasp on for dear life, but it's as though the momentum of life and the 'divine plan' is taking us somewhere regardless of our objections.

The more we resist what's happening, the worse it gets. Our fear of the unknown gets in the way and stops us in our tracks. Our deepest and darkest fears resurface as we feel as if we are dying and in a way this is true; we are leaving the old behind us to face a new life. 

As we cling to the walls for dear life, our mother, the universe pushes us forwards. 


And it's just when we see that there's no point in resisting, when we believe we might die anyway, 'so what's the point of all this anyway,' when we let go of the past and the future, that we are catapulted out into this new life and we can breathe again.

These periods of rebirth are such times of releasing and surrendering to the unknown on a huge scale. They are times of death of the old, outdated ways of being, thinking and behaving in our comfortable environments and being born into a new life.

When you feel like your old fears are resurfacing, when everything you do is being met with resistance, try and remember what's going on and how the whole birthing process works. 

Look at it as if you are the baby in the birth canal, surrendering, letting go, allowing the universe to guide you through it and catch you at the other side. 


Remember to breathe, knowing it is easier the more relaxed you are, and the sooner you stop resisting. Get yourself a good support network around you, support yourself and then when you are reborn....

Remember that you can't run before you can walk, so take some time to adjust. Get curious again; about life and about learning. 

There's a whole new world for you to explore, so open your eyes as if they are those of a new born baby again.



Lisa x

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