Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Zen Art of Christmas Shopping

Up until a few years ago, Christmas used to be a very stressful time.  I would put so much pressure on myself to get everything so perfect that it would not be that enjoyable. 

True, I don't shop as much on Oxford Street  as much as I used to, but by learning to relax and let go of getting it 'right,' it's become so much easier. 

As you learn to relax, and by letting go of getting all the right presents for people, you'll find that you'll tune into your intuition naturally and life flows much more easily.  

Racking your brain for the right presents for people becomes a thing of the past and you'll end up been drawn into the right shops at the right time, and hey presto - gifts from the heart! 

These can be testing times, but we must remember how we have been brainwashed into a more 'commercial' mindset about Christmas.  And even though giving and receiving gifts is fun..... try and remind yourself of the word 'fun' when you are out shopping - I'm sure it's not the first word that springs to mind! 

Yesterday, whilst rushing down Oxford Street with the millions of others pushing past me and bumping into me, I just stopped and said to myself, 'This is ridiculous!' 

It was in that moment that I laughed to myself and realised the insanity of it all.

When we try and control every detail of our life, we can become frustrated and create stress for ourself.  Life can go our way, but at a cost.  What you can control is what this cost is to you. 

A certain amount of urgency can be useful when we have to think on our toes, but more constant worry and stress is not as useful. 

Trying to work everything out with our left brain can remove any moments of inspiration and creativity that our right brain provides.  If you are experiencing stress, fatigue or anxiety, chances are you are going against the natural flow of life. 

The amount of pressure you feel equals the amount of pressure you put on yourself or the amount of pressure you allow yourself to feel from others.

Aim to reduced this as much as you can by making a decision to look after yourself this Christmas.  Slow down, and listen to your body and your intuition. 

Ask yourself, 'what will happen if I don't do x, z or z?' Remember to be realistic with your answers! 

A good exercise to do is to notice how quiet it is inside of your body compared to the busyness going on around you.

Have a MERRY Christmas!

Lisa x